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Tags: indica dominant hybrid

Kosher Kush is a cut of OG Kush and was made famous by a group of orthodox jewish. It used to be known as “Jew Gold” until the name was changed with a little more politically correct handle. The strain is a Indica Dominant Hybrid. This strain produces a powerful couch lock buzz that can have a heavy sedative effects for novice smokers. But it also has an uplifting effect for your mood with a little head high. Some samples of this strain produces a very high level of THC up to 29%. It has a herbal, lemon, pine, sweet and woody flavors with an earthy, pungent and spicy aroma. Patients use this for treating insomnia and restlessness caused by anxiety and stress. It also has a numbing effect which makes it good for patients dealing with pain.

Körper High
Kopf High
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Video Summary: When smoked this strain has a light spicy earthy diesel flavor with a deep rounded diesel aroma. It produces a heavy body stone that keeps you grounded while always delivering a strong cerebral high. Medically it is recommended for chronic pain anti-nausea sleep disorders and appetite stimulation. Kosher Kush has won numerous awards

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