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Dank of England

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Dank of England is the very own strain from the clothing brand with the same name "Dank of England" . The brand was founded by the UK rapper and cannabis advocate Ital Samson, also known as Black The Ripper.

Music Video from the founder of Dank of England - Black the Ripper. Light up Everywhere

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Kye Hall
April 27, 2017 15:19

Rockin' house boat in the Dam for King's Day...tokin' up the Dank. Beautiful fresh tasting bud with a dense and fruit filled taste. Good citrus notes and a strong battering effect. Lovely strain, wish we could get it back home in York. Cheers Black x

August 10, 2017 01:36

I'm used to smoking bluez or DANK as we say in Sheffield. N whilst in Amsterdam I found DOE. N it was ?????. It has a dank blues taste but smells earthy like a typical haze.